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Friday, 29 July 2011

Today i stand TO avow my passion FOR you
O precious belle
A diamond gift of nature
So gorgeous AND pure

The FIRST TIME i SET my eyes ON you
Magically you WHERE aglow i a diamond red dress
AT once i feel the smoothness of your love, IN my heart AND soul
Your lips AND eyes made me loose mental control
so glamorous AND adorable
such beauty IS un believable

WHEN i CLOSE my eyes, i feel the the drains AND superiority of your love
IN friendship IS WHERE we stand
I must say you are sent FROM above
You give me hope AND a reason TO live
BY the courage words AND care
FOR IN your love i chose TO believe
IN comfort your hands IS WHERE i chose TO lie
AND giving up my LAST breath, IN your hands again i chose TO die
FOR you are the pursuit of happiness
Angel IN a red dress

My love FOR you IS something i must confess

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